Progress in Materials and Biomolecular Sciences with VUV-SX Synchrotron Radiation

Hiroshima University Faculty Club, March 8-9, 2018.

Best Student Poster Award

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Hiroshima International Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation is aimed to promote international and interdisciplinary exchange of information about materials science utilizing synchrotron radiation.

Main topics

The 22nd Hiroshima International Symposium on Synchrotron RadiationThe following topics will be mainly discussed in the symposium.

  • High-resolution photoemission spectroscopy
  • Spin resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • VUV-CD spectroscopy of biomolecules
  • Soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism of nanomaterials
  • Light source accelerators and insertion devices
  • Research activities and future directions of HiSOR


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The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research

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