Progress in Materials and Biomolecular Sciences with VUV-SX Synchrotron Radiation

Hiroshima University Faculty Club, March 8-9, 2018.


Invited Speakers (A to Z order)

Name Institute
Alexander Grüneis University of Cologne, Germany
Søren Pape Møller Center for Storage Ring Facilities, Aarhus University, Denmark
Shan Qiao Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Boris Senkovskiy University of Cologne, Germany
Nikolai Sokolov Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Russia
Frank Wien SOLEIL, France

Speakers from HiSOR

In this symposium, in-house staffs will present research activities and future directions of HiSOR.

Keigo Kawase
Koichi Matsuo
Taichi Okuda
Masahiro Sawada
Eike F. Schwier


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