Progress in Materials and Biomolecular Sciences with VUV-SX Synchrotron Radiation

Hiroshima University Faculty Club, March 8-9, 2018.

Best Student Poster Award

We are pleased to announce that the best student poster awards have been given to five young students for their outstanding scientific research and excellent poster presentation.

Kota Hirano
Hiroshima University
Measurement of Injected Beam at the PF Ring
Munehiro Kumashiro
Hiroshima University
Conformations of Myelin Basic Protein Interacted with Membrane Revealed by Vacuum-Ultraviolet Circular-Dichroism Spectroscopy
Yoshihiro Nakao
Yamaguchi University
Development of an apparatus for soft X-ray absorption experiments of solid and liquid samples under atmospheric helium gas environment
Yoshihiro Nakata
Chiba University
Micro-ARPES study of a Weyl semimetal candidate MoTe2
Kai Nishikubo
Ibaraki University
Secondary structural analysis of XRCC4 protein using HiSOR-VUVCD

Best student poster award winners, from left; Kota Hirano, Kai Nishikubo, Munehiro Kumashiro, Yoshihiro Nakata, Yoshihiro Nakao.


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