The first week of the MIRAI PhD school will be held at the Faculy Club at the Higashi-Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University hosted by the Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center (HiSOR). Accomodation will be reserved in a hotel close to the Saijo train station near the Saijo city center.


(Campus map)

Higashi-Hiroshima campus can be reached from Hiroshima International Airport (HIJ), the Higashi-Hiroshima Shinkansen Train station or the Saijo Local Train Station.

via Airplane

From Hiroshima Airport, the fasted way to travel is by taxi (~6000 Yen) and 35 min. However, there are bus/train and shuttle bus connections that allow to go to Saijo and the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus. 

via Shinkansen

The nearest Shinkansen Train station is Higashi-Hiroshima. From there, a taxi costs ~ 2000 Yen.

via local train

In order to go to and from Hiroshima City, the local train connection from Saijo Station is the most convenient. It takes 35-45 min and costs 580 Yen. From the South Exit of Saijo station a Bus connects to the Hiroshima University campus (290 Yen) in around 20 min.

Travel to J-PARC for the second week

Travel by plane from Hiroshima to J-PARC on Sunday 27th of October for the second week of the school will be organized by the MIRAI PhD school to reduce ticket prices. If it is necessary to travel directly to J-PARC you can find information on the following website and you can contact mirai-contact [[at]] for help if necessary.

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