how to apply

Attendance to the course is limited to PhD Students / early Post-Docs (10 from Swedish and 10 from Japanese Universities) and admittance will be decided based on the review results of a Letter of Motivation and with a strong effort on guaranteeing at least one participant per MIRAI member university.

In order to apply for admission, please write a Letter of Motivation (~ 1 page) and send it to the organizing committee via miraiphdcourse2019 [[at]]

The letter of Motivation should include, but is not limited to the following points:

- Short biographical information, Academic career/achievements & recent photo

- Self Assessment of Experimental technique skills and Research profile

- Questions to the lecturers about specific problems or papers to be explained during the technique's specific lectures

In addition, please print, sign, scan and send the Data Protection Form (link).

Deadline for submission: open end (second call) August 31th 23:59 h GMT (first call)

Financial support

Within the MIRAI project some universities offer financial support for travel and accommodation to PhD students. Please contact your local MIRAI project manager and ask about “co-financing” (Sweden) and “PhD finalcial support for PhD courses” (Japan).


If you need an invitation letter for your VISA, please mention it at the end of your letter of motivation. Please note that Japan has taken measures concerning the Visa Exemption Arrangements with 68 countries and regions:

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