Materials science using VUV-SX synchrotron radiation: future directions of HiSOR

Hiroshima University Faculty Club, March 10-11, 2016.

Best Student Poster Award

We are pleased to announce that the best student poster awards have been given to three young students for their outstanding scientific research and excellent poster presentation.

Kanako Fujii
Hiroshima University
XAS study of hydrogenation properties of Pd-TM alloys
Kazuki Goto
Hiroshima University
Development of VUV-laser-based Ultra-high Resolution Angle-resolved Photoemission Microscopy System
Yuma Okuyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Growth and Electronic Structure of a Tellurium Thin Film on Bi2Te3

Best student poster award winners, from left; Yuma Okuyama, Kazuki Goto, Kanako Fujii.


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